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FOR HOPE ONLY Vocational School is a school system dedicated to providing each student the opportunity to reach his or her potential as a productive and successful member of the community. This is accomplished by offering students an innovative curriculum, which combines academic instruction, career training, and structured work experiences designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and workplace skills. Graduates of our programs are uniquely prepared to meet both the demands of today's competitive job market and the challenges of tomorrow's workplace.

FOR HOPE ONLY was founded in 2009 by a group of citizens with an open heart to serve the needy. The organization is a non-profit ( 501-c 3) that is dedicated to assist and provide support for those living in deplorable and devastating conditions.

FOR HOPE ONLY board of directors emphatically embrace the idea of a holistic approach in reaching out and addressing the needs of the whole individual in a culturally competent and sensitive way. Our goals are to promote the healing and welfare of those we serve.

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